Quality Fundamentals

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It’s not too late, but it soon will be. Register now for the ASQ World Conference being held in Dallas May 5-7.

Understanding the basic rules, tools, and fundamentals of quality are key to its effectiveness. These sessions explore and demonstrate proven and practical applications of quality’s primary elements. We’ll also celebrate the scope of quality by demonstrating how the application of quality principles can go beyond the traditional uses of the past.

Making the Case for Quality

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The ASQ World Conference is just around the corner. Have you registered yet?

Established quality tools, methodologies, and techniques have an impact that has been well demonstrated, but how do you get those around you to fully embrace all that they have to offer? Proven approaches are too often dismissed as passing fads with no long-term business application. During the ASQ World Conference, we’ll analyze and identify the keys to making an effective case for all that quality has to offer while avoiding the pitfalls that can threaten effective implementation and sustained results.

Building and Sustaining a Culture of Quality

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Anita is on the planning committee for the upcoming on the ASQ 2014 World Conference on Quality and Improvement which will be held  May 5-7 in Dallas. Time is running short, so get on the ball and register.

Spreading the knowledge and application of quality tools, approaches, and techniques will not (in and of itself) lead to sustainable results. Sustainable results require a quality approach that is applied within a culture that supports, promotes, and enables a commitment to excellence and best practice.

QP Welcomes New Client – Kansas City Southern Railroad.

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Driving Quality in Design and Construction

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Quality Principles is heading to Charlotte next week for the Quality Conference of the Carolinas. We’re looking forward to the presentation from the Charlotte Area Transit System with an overview of CATS Transit Corridor System Plan — the region’s strategic response to development of a multimodal transportation system. Will this be a model for other transit organizations follow? We hope so!

New Team Member!

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photoMs. Twyla Tibbertsma joins our team as a project manager for one of our new rail clients, we are excited to have her experience and enthusiasm.

The Global Impact of Quality in Customer Relations

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The Global Impact of Quality in Customer Relations

Consumers today demand more than a transaction, and seek those who can provide a relationship based on trust, dependability, and transparency. This focus area explores methods, approaches, and case studies that bring about and demonstrate strong and sustainable customer relationships.

Wanna hear more? Then be sure to register for the ASQ 2014 World Conference on Quality and Improvement which will be held  May 5-7 in Dallas.

Are you using quality managment the right way?

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My colleague, Chuck Kanapicki, and I have been gnawing on a quote form a recent article in the ASQ Quality Management Journal. Let’s see if it strikes you as interesting, too.

“Quality is not something you throw at a problem.”

Lately, I have equated the practice of quality management to that rarely silent, often nagging notion that your mother is always watching and listening to what you say and do. Now that may, or may not, impact your behavior. But it’s an important analogy as to how quality practices can keep your projects out of trouble.

Let me draw you a scenario. It’s a hot summer day at a crowded pool. Kids are splashing, and Mom is poolside reading an engrossing book. Once her kiddo approaches the edge of the diving board, Mom starts to hear her name, al la Stewie Griffin.


“Mom, Look!”


“Mom, Look!  Mom!”

Mom might answer back once, “Um hm”, but she manages to keep her eyes in her book, lest she encourage the behavior. Moments later, we hear splashing. Then gasping, and flailing. And a voice that sounds like her kid in trouble. She looks up alert . . .

You could say that Mom wasn’t interested in rewarding the showy, self-centered behavior, but she wasn’t completely disengaged. She’s constantly on the alert for a sign of trouble when she will jump into action.  Her behavior in this scenario can be described in two parts: behavior-based quality (while her kid hollered for attention) and response-based quality (jumping into action at the sound of alarm).

While this might be natural protocol for Mom, it’s not smart for quality management. It’s may be tempting to take a stand back and wait for the alarm to sound, but instead it rewards poor behavior and sets up endless situations where someone, or something, has to be rescued.

When we hear the alarm, are we throwing quality at the situation? How often can we “save the day” without it being detrimental to quality programs and protocols we should really be in the business of managing?

Instead of constantly moving from one crisis to another, address behavior-based quality issues when they first appear. Pay attention to the conditions that lead to poor behavior and enact processes to limit escalation. And make your mother proud.

Colleague Darren L. James Honored

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I had the pleasure of nominating Darren for recognition as a Dallas Business Journal Minority Business Leader this year. He and 20 other business leaders were recognized at an awards luncheon. I was thrilled to see him receive the award.

Quality Revolution . . . Evolution

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As noted earlier, the American Society for Quality 2013 Audit Conference was held in Tucson, AZ, this fall. I had the honor of coordinating some of the programs for the conference. Yes, it can get crazy, but I love this part of my duties. (In fact, I’m on the planning committee for the World Quality Conference happening May 5-7 in Dallas. Hope to see you there.)

One particular program was both fun to put together and well received by the attendees. I called on several colleagues to take part in an Executive Panel Discussion on the benefits and value of new technologies in quality used with today’s current delivery methods. Those colleagues finding themselves on the dais included:

  • Tim McKay, Executive Vice President Growth/Regional Development, Dallas Area Rapid Transit
  • William T. Thomsen, PE, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Urban Engineers
  • Celia Gray, Quality Assurance Manager, Charlotte Area Transit System
  • Darren L. James, AIA, President & COO, KAI Texas

The panel did a great job, and the attendees had plenty of questions to ask. Sad you missed it? No worries — you can watch the conversation here. And then make plans to join us next time.